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01/ Lost Statement

I lost my statement.  Where do I send my HOA dues?

You have two options for submitting your dues.


1. You can mail it to the following address using USPS:


3608 22nd Ave SE

Olympia, WA 98501


2. Or you can save yourself a stamp and drop it off at the secured drop box located at:


3626 22nd Ave SE

Olympia, WA 98501


*make sure to put it in the locked drop box near the front door*

02/ Dues Payment

What if I can't pay the whole amount now?

That’s OK, but please contact the HOA Treasurer as soon as possible to arrange a payment plan. This will help you avoid late fees! You can see their contact information here:


Contact Information

03/ Mailbox Key

Help!  I've lost my mailbox keys.  Who can I call to get a new one?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a new key for the same lock, but the friendly folks at B.K. Mailboxes can set you up with a new lock and keys.


You can visit their website at

or give them a call at

(360) 455-9078.

04/ Painting and Exterior Home Modifications

I think it is time to paint my house, do I really need to submit a submit paperwork to the HOA even if I am going to paint it the same color?

Yes! We ask that you submit paperwork for any work done to the exterior of your home. This includes a fencing, roofing and solar panels. We aim to make the process quick and easy!


You can download the form here:

Architectural Application


Send the completed form to the Architecture Control Committee Chair:

Contact Information.

05/ Suggestions and Concerns

I have some thoughts about the community, how can I share my concerns and ideas?

Please consider attending our yearly meeting to share your concerns and ideas.


The meeting is typically held in February at McKenny Elementary. The date and time will be announced in the newsletter.


You can also call or email the board members with pressing concerns.

Board Member Contact Information

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